Are you looking to promote your business with a commercial or promo? Whether it be a spot that will run on Cablevision/TimeWarner or a promo for your website– we will help you from conception of idea to production.

Music Videos

Music Videos

We work with musicians & bands from LA to NYC. We aspire to have the next viral video under our name just like you do — which is why we’re willing to make any budget work. From video installations to mind-bending narratives — we’ll work with you in making your vision come alive on-screen.



Built from a group of award-winning filmmakers, we’re always developing projects from TV shows to feature films. We can assist your production in screenplay consultation, producing, and directing.



Silvermine Productions has several photographers with experience in shooting portraits for Weddings, Special Events, Corporate, and Experimental. If you're an actor-- feel free to reach out to us about our special 'Headshot' deal!

-Our Process-


So you want a video, cool! What’s next?

Message us with what you’re thinking of having done at:

We will message you back within 24 hours letting you know if your video is something we can help you with. In the initial e-mail make sure to include all information you think we’d need to know about your product/business/talent and any ideas you’ve been thinking of.


You messaged us — we’re interested. It’s a match made in the stars. Next we would arrange a call to talk more about the idea of the video. After our conversation, we will progress in creating a treatment for you. What’s a treatment? Good question. A treatment is a summary of the visuals we envision for the video and the resources needed. After we agree on the video, the budget, and deadline we buckle up for production.


After all of our conversations we’ve made it to production! How long will the shoot take? It all depends on the project– on average a video for short format (music videos, commercials) can go from one day to a week. How long will it take to make my video upon contacting Silvermine? Average time from from idea to delivery of video can be anywhere from two to four weeks — exceptions are made all the time to meet client’s needs so let us know!


Silvermine Productions is a production company devoted to bringing a fresh twist on storytelling through all media formats. Created in the magical crevices of Silvermine in Connecticut by Alex Morsanutto– Silvermine has production capabilities all over the world.

We are currently in development on ‘Hi-Glow Retro’, a feature film which is an adaptation of our short film of the same name and ‘Waiting’, a sports docu-series on athletes fighting for another shot to compete at the highest level.

Commercially, we have worked for clients such as Unilever, Brother Printer, Kiehl’s, CBS, Chevrolet, and Kona Brewing Company to name a few. Our :30 Kona Brewing Co. commercials were broadcasted on CBS along with the California Tobacco Control Program campaign featuring Adrian Grenier. We recently finished working with Brother Printer and a broadcast commercial with Unilever for Pond’s Men.

We are always searching for new talent and ways to collaborate with creative artists. If you’re interested in working together feel free to contact us!


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